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LSU message of support


We’d like to thank the LSU for their message in support of all public sector workers taking strike action on the 30th November.

Industrial Action – 30th November 2011

Tomorrow’s Day of Action promises to be a great success. It has strong public support and the government is already back-pedalling on its threats.

We’d like to thank all of you that have volunteered to picket tomorrow at the open JMU buildings and are coming to the march and rally.

For those of you coming on the march JMU members are meeting at 11.40 outside Debenhams, Lord St to walk down together to the Pier Head. You can also join us at the Pier Head at 12 o’clock where we will be assembling in Section D, near to the Liver Building. The rally is from 1 o’clock at St George’s plateau.

Tomorrow we need all of you – School Directors, Managers, Lecturers and Researchers – to support your fellow members and workers at JMU and all those in the public sector who do so much for us and our families.

Some of you have told local reps that you would like to take action but cannot afford to do so and therefore will be turning into work.
To you I would say two things:
1) Under the government’s proposals a senior lecturer will be paying £1,400 per year extra in contributions. Will you be able to afford this?
2) By coming into work you are doing what Cameron, Alexander and Gove have asked you to do and, in effect, are supporting the coalition government and its proposals.

Support the Day of Action! Don’t cross picket lines!
Don’t be on the losing side tomorrow!

UNISON members also vote for 30th Nov strike

As expected, UNISON members have also voted to strike on the TUC’s National Day of Action to defend pensions – 30th November 2011. Further details on local arrangements at LJMU will be posted in due course.

Strike Action – 30th June

The UCU, along with several other public sector unions announced a day of industrial action for Thursday 30th June 2011. This affected UCU members working at an institution where TPS is the predominant lecturers’ pension scheme, including LJMU.

UCU members joined strike action with members from the NUT, ATL, and PCS over the ideological attacks on TPS and other public sector pensions. Ministers are insisting that the cuts are a necessary “affordability” measure, while we argue that:
a) the proposed alterations are above and beyond those already implemented for pension affordability.
b) they are ideologically motivated, and as part of an attack on the public sector as a whole, aim to destroy public sector pensions in the same way that employers’ pension contribution “holidays” of the 80s and 90s destroyed private sector pension value.
c) the government are not prepared to engage in meaningful negotiations about the scale and depth of these pension cuts.

The PCS organised march convened at 1130 on William Brown Street, and set off at around noon, marching via Whitechapel, Queen Square Bus Station, Lime St, then along Renshaw St and Berry St to the Black-E Arts Centre on Great George Street in Chinatown.

The march was very well attended by members of all striking unions, and we were joined by marchers carrying flags and banners for RMT, UCATT, and NASUWT. The route was lined with members of the public showing their support.

We’d like to thank all members who took industrial action, all those who were able to join us on the march, PCS Liverpool for organising / marshalling the march, Merseyside Police for providing traffic/police support, and the public for their warm support along the route.

Marching along Whitechapel in Liverpool

Marching up towards Lime St, Liverpool

Branch AGM

Our local branch AGM is happening today at 12 noon, in the Cherie Booth Lecture Theatre. This is on the Byrom St campus.

Significant items on the agenda include:
-Officer election
-Guest speaker: Martyn Moss (UCU regional officer)
-Guest speaker: Roger Brooks (UCU NEC member, Liv Uni)
-Current LJMU issues, including the branch’s concerns on:
1) The current Workload Allocation Model and its shortfalls.
2) Assessing and addressing Health and Safety risks.
-Discussion of IM Marsh closure and its impact on the staff there

All members welcome!

(You can read more about the Branch AGM here)

Liverpool Hope – Strike

Just a quick message of support to our fellow UCU members at Liverpool Hope University, who are taking strike action today in response to their ongoing row over job losses and the institution’s response to cuts in funding.

More details here:-

Strike Action Today

Our branch, along with the national UCU, is taking a day of strike action today, the 24th March.
To learn more about the reasons for us striking, click here

We will be picketing our sites between 8am and 12 noon today before heading up to the rally at the University of Liverpool, starting in University Square. Please support our pickets today!

Details on the local strike can be found here

Liverpool Students’ Union issue message of support

LSU have issued a much-appreciated message of support for our strike action on Thursday. The message is available at their website:

We all very much welcome the students’ support and hope that they can support us at our pickets.

Liverpool Students’ Union supports UCU, the academic staff’s trade union, as they protest on the national day of action on Thursday 24th March against the impact of cuts in higher education.

Lecturers across the UK are facing attacks on their pensions and, with all public sector workers, high and increasing inflation which will lead to real cuts in their pay. The added uncertainty of job-security in a time of harsh and unfair cuts from Government means that academic staff are under incredible stress and strain.

We want academic staff, now and in the future, to be working in a secure and well-rewarded profession. They are the most important people in a students’ learning experience. This day of protest will bring students and staff together to demand respect and support for higher education and we hope that Government and Universities realise the risks in dangerous cuts.

We have asked UCU to make sure that students are not innocent victims in protests this week and in the coming months. We’re pleased that UCU have confirmed that they will ask members participating in the protests to explain to students what they are doing in advance and try to find a way to rearrange the missed contact. We’re also pleased that UCU have put pressure on the Vice-Chancellor to transfer all money saved, through not paying staff participating in the protest, into the student hardship fund.

Students take Action NOW!

1. Support UCU at their pickets on Thursday 24th March from 8am – 12pm
2. Join LSU, LGOS and Hope Students Union on the TUC marching for an alternative on Saturday 26th March in London. Bus tickets are on sale from LSU reception at the Haigh building. They cost £10 but when students attend, they get £5 back.

Strike Action called for 24th March

Members in both FE and HE have voted to take strike action in defence of the Teachers Pension Fund. In FE, 76% voted to take strike action (turnout 28%). In HE Post 92 Universities in England and Wales 72% supported strikes (turnout 32.1%)∙

Strike action on TPS has now been called for 24th March, to join the final, UK day, of USS strikes. We will send further communications with TPS members as 24th March approaches.

Yesterday 64% of FE members in England also voted for strike action (turnout 28.5%) in a dispute about the 2010 salary negotiations. This follows the vote by 52% of HE members (turnout 34%) to take strike action in their dispute about pay and job security.

FE and HE Officers have now called a day of strike action on these claims, also on 24th March.

Public Sector Pension Report

The Indepedent Public Service Pensions Commision (“Hutton”) Report is out:

Looking for the positives, (John) Hutton has carried over his interim conclusions that public sector pensions are NOT “Gold Plated”, and rejected a tit-for-tat “race to the bottom”. In the final document, it looks like this:-
The Commission firmly rejected the claim that current public service pensions are ‘gold plated.’ The average pension paid to pensioner members is around £7,800 per year, while the median payment is around £5,600. It also rejected the idea of a ‘race to the bottom,’ emphasising instead that public service pensions should ensure adequate retirement incomes for those who have devoted their careers in the service of the wider community.
The preamble also includes a copy of the initial findings of (Will) Hutton’s Fair Pay review.

However, it’s not all good news. Some early press reports, including “soundbite” feedback from the GSs of TUC, PCS, FBU. If you’re short of time, the BBC articles give a good “scene setting” overview, while the Independent and FT provide two reasonably balanced assessment pieces. The FT article ends on a surprisingly labour-friendly note(!)

Public sector pensions report explained (BBC)

Pensions anger from unions following Hutton review (BBC)

Public Sector Pension Plan Spark Strike Threats (Independent, PA syndicated)

Hutton reveals his pension plan – and is blasted by unions (Guardian, GMG)

High-wire act fails to balance public and private (FT)