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Hello and welcome to the website of LJMU’s UCU branch! Please feel free to have a look around using the links at the top of page, catch up on our recent events blog, or if you’ve come here looking for something in particular, check out our intro FAQ:

Membership queries

I’m not a member, but would like to join. Can I do it online?
Yes, you can. You’ll need to have your bank details to hand:

I work in the School of xyz. Who is my rep?
You can find a list of LJMU UCU reps here

I would like to update my membership details. Where can I do this?
You can contact the UCU’s National membership contact, Martin Sundram.
Alternatively, you can do it yourself online at: the UCU’s membership pages.

Policy and Procedures

Where can I find LJMU’s procedure on xyz?
Have a look at LJMU’s Personnel pages here


Where can I find out about local / branch goings-on?
You can look at our blog page
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Where can I find out about UCU, national or regional goings-on?
You can check the UCU’s News page here

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@UCUMMoss – Martyn Moss, our regional official

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